Santa Barbara County Regional Fire Communications Center

Improving services through regionalization

Our Mission

The Santa Barbara County Regional Fire Communications Center provides exceptional medical, fire, and rescue dispatch services for public safety partners within Santa Barbara County.  Regional services are provided by professional, certified employees supported by and working from modern, resilient dispatch facilities.

Your New Regional Fire Communications Center

Opening a new regional Fire Communications Center is a pivotal milestone in enhancing emergency response services to the County of Santa Barbara. This state-of-the-art facility brings together cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of professionals to provide swift and efficient assistance during your time of need. The center’s establishment signifies a commitment to public safety and coordination throughout the County of Santa Barbara, ensuring that calls for help are answered promptly and that resources are dispatched seamlessly. With a focus on communications, training, and the latest emergency protocols, this new regional Fire Communication Center stands as a beacon of hope, ready to serve and protect the lives and property of the citizens and visitors of Santa Barbara County.

Join Our Team

Join our team as a Fire Dispatcher and become a crucial lifeline for your community. As a Fire Dispatcher, you’ll play a pivotal role in coordinating emergency responses, providing support, and ensuring the safety of those in need. This position offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives every day. You’ll receive comprehensive training to handle a variety of emergencies, equipping you with valuable skills that extend beyond the workplace. If you’re someone who thrives in high-pressure situations, possesses excellent communication skills, and has a strong sense of responsibility, we encourage you to apply. Together, we can work towards a safer and more secure future for the community, one call at a time. Join us and be the calm voice that guides people through their most challenging moments. Please click here to fill out an interest card, recruitment will start soon!

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